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Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform and we know that it provides all the tools right out of the box too achieve incredible returns selling on Facebook. We’ve helped countless others to achieve huge profits combining Shopify with Facebook ads and we are confident that in 14 days we can do the same with any other eCommerce business built on Shopify.

After the 14 days we fully expect that we will have returned many times back to you your original investment in Facebook advertising spend. If that’s the case then we imagine that you will want to increase your investment in Facebook advertising and continue to ride the wave of eCommerce success. But there is absolutely no obligation to continue.

Our fee for Facebook Ads Management is $1000 per month or 15% of your advertising budget if your Facebook Ads budget is more than $7000.

The return on ad spend for Shopify stores on Facebook does differ depending on the category of your products, but typically we see returns of between $5 and $12 for every $1 spent on Facebook advertising.