6 Never Fail Ways to Amplify Your Marketing Message

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I recently received a question on Twitter from a fellow marketer, looking for ways to grow their voice and amplify the message of their brand. It was a great question and one which I thought required a longer response than Twitter’s 140 character limit allows. So I put together this post which outlines my top 6, never fail tactics to amplify your marketing message.

1. PR

In an age where social media rules, we often forget the power of good old fashioned PR and while traditional news sources may not command the attention that they once did, modern PR agencies are extremely well versed in identifying and connecting with new and emerging publishers.

If you can’t afford to hire a PR agency, find out who they key journalists are who cover news relating to your industry. Connect with them via social media and make it your job to help them wherever possible. Share links to content that is relevant to pieces they have written and make it known – through your actions – that you can be a reliable source for comment should they need it.

Remember that journalists operate on deadlines, so if they do call on you for comment, a speedy response is almost always required. If you can become relied upon to deliver comment or information when it is needed, then you will find that journalists will come to you first more often.

2. Paid Amplification

New paid amplification channels such as Outbrain can be really effective ways of ensuring that your content reaches more users, as can social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. All of which now have very well established advertising tools built into their platforms.

Google AdWords and Bing Ad Center also provide one of the most effective ways to get your message in front of a motivated audience. There’s no greater demonstrator of intent than the act of going to a search engine and typing in a search query. You can generally be pretty sure that anyone who has bothered to enter “buy green socks” into a search engine, has at least some interest in buying green socks and the same will no doubt be true of the search queries which are relevant to your brand.

3. Influencer Marketing

If you don’t yet have an established audience database of your own or if you are looking to expand the one you have, then why not use someone else’s? This is the essential premise behind influencer marketing, but influencer marketing goes further than this by leveraging the voice of niche influencers to add credibility and authenticity to your message.

There are many ways to find influencers. Searching for hashtags relevant to your business or organisation on Twitter or Instagram can be a great way to start. Look for people who are already vocal on your topic and reach out to the ones who you think align best with your message or brand.

There are also an increasing number of tools such as Hypetap, which can be used to connect with influencers and these can certainly streamline the process of discovering suitable influencers, who are motivated to promote your message.

4. Online Video Advertising

Online video advertising currently offers TV-like reach at what will one day be recognised as prices that are so cheap, we will all wonder why we didn’t pay more attention to it. Depending on your particular audience, $1000 spent on YouTube In-Stream ads could net as many as 25,000 completed views.

But more than just being one of the most effective ways to reach an audience en masse, according to Business Insider, using video to transmit your message can increase audience recall by as much as 85% and IAB notes that consumer trust in a product increases by 35% after viewing an explainer video ad.

You can learn more about effective video advertising here

5. LinkedIn & Facebook Groups

LinkedIn & Facebook groups can or rather should, be viewed as channels within a channel. The chances are, that your topic, industry or product is already represented by at least one, if not many, groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. If they are not, then perhaps you should start one yourself?

Nevertheless engaging with these groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, can be a powerful way to promote your message and social sharing tools such as Buffer, provide powerful tools that can enable you to broadcast your message to numerous groups across both Facebook and LinkedIn, at the touch of a button.

6. Cross Promotion

Another great way to amplify your message is to find another, non-competing brand, who shares your general target audience. Running a cross-promotion or competition and collaborating to share your message to your individual audiences, can be a simple and mutually beneficial way to reach more people and instantly grow your audience.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring that your message reaches those that could most benefit from receiving it, is one of the most challenging parts of being a marketer. In fact some might argue that it’s the only part that matters. Hopefully these tips have provided some inspiration that will help you reach more of your potential audience and grow your brand, whatever that might be, online.

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Sam McEwin
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Author Bio: Sam McEwin is the founder and Director of Melbourne based digital marketing agency BizWisdom. Sam enjoys sharing his passion for data driven digital marketing with businesses who love what they do and who are looking to grow their business online. Sam loves nothing more than nurturing client relationships and transforming ideas, no matter how big or small, into success stories. Sam is a regular contributor to BizWisdoms’ blog and guest speaker at digital media industry events and workshops.