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Research has shown that small businesses that blog receive 126% more lead growth than those that do not. Content creation is by far the most effective SEO technique and content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing per dollar spent. So it’s little wonder that 57% of businesses rate content marketing as their top priority.

But with so many organisations now vying for our limited attention, you need a content strategy that can cut through the noise.

At BizWisdom our proven approach to content marketing combines leading content strategy with outstanding creative execution to craft content that will deliver measurable results for your brand.

Grow your brand online with a content marketing plan that delivers tangible business growth

The game might have changed.
But content is still King.

When Matt Cutts, former head of search quality at Google, declared in 2013 that content “was still king” the internet world was already well and truly content obsessed. Create content. Rank in Google. Monetize your traffic. Repeat. It was a license to print money.

Flash forward to the present day and the power of content on the internet has not diminished in the slightest. In fact, the potential reward is even greater than ever.

But simply creating content is no longer enough. Leveraging the power of content marketing today requires a sophisticated content program, detailed topic research and a content team that can create articles that 10x the competition.

So it’s a good thing you found us.

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Why content marketing works

Today the modern consumer can move from the trigger of a need to final purchase in the blink of an eye. And at every stage of their journey, informing every decision, colouring every choice is one thing. Content.

At BizWisdom we help brands just like yours create content that attracts, informs and engages. By doing so we craft content strategies that will power your SEO, expand your retargeting lists, supercharge your social media, increase your leads and grow your brand.

It’s what we do.

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“What helps people, helps business” – Leo Burnett

BizWisdom’s topic cluster methodology

The topic cluster approach is a highly effective, multilayered approach to building a content marketing program. It combines a pillar topic – a long form guide on a topic of up to 6000 words – with a series of supporting subtopics expanded from the core pillar, to form a “cluster” of content.

The interlinked nature of the topic cluster creates content that is highly accessible to users, rewarded by search engines and which can be easily repurposed into downloadable lead magnets, social media content or email sequences for use within marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot or Active Campaign.



The pillar page

Your pillar page will form the heart of your content marketing hub. It is a long-form guide on a core topic which outlines the key themes and ideas at a high level.

The pillar page provides the central core of a broad topic, while the sub-topics expand upon the pillar page, providing further detailed insight on a specific content niche.

Pillar pages provide the important structure that serves both user experience and search engine optimisation objectives whilst providing a rich source of material which can be repackaged into a downloadable lead magnet.

Sub Topics

The sub topics support the overall topic cluster by providing breadth of content, direct answers to specific questions and by creating pathways for both search engines and users to your pillar page.

By appearing in search engines for specific searches, sub topics will often be the first point of interaction for new users with your site. The sub topics therefore, can introduce new users to your site and subsequently your brand and then push them toward your pillar content and into your marketing funnel.

In this way content is used to position your brand as an authoritative voice within your category, introduce new users to your brand and generate leads by exchanging downloadable versions of your valuable content in exchange for personal information such as name, email or phone number.



We craft beautiful content

Enriching, entertaining and enlightening content is the cornerstone of a winning content marketing program. Our content producers excel in capturing the insight from the thought leaders in your organisation and combining it with detailed topic research, industry data and thorough competitor analysis. We then bring it all to life in a way that is true to your brand, that resonates with your target audience and which positions your organisation as a leader in your field.

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Remarkable content.
Rigorous method.

It’s when creativity intersects with methodology that successful content marketing is born. By combining our topic cluster approach to content marketing with our SEO pedigree and experienced local talent, BizWisdom consistently provides our clients with content that powers their marketing engine and grows their business in real, tangible ways.

We can support your business through each stage from Ideation, implementation and iteration saving years of trial and tears and delivering results that will leave your competitors in the dust.

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Lock In Contracts? Nuh uh.

At BizWisdom we let the performance of our content marketing programs speak for themselves and we don’t lock our clients into unfair, long term contracts.

Our clients remain our clients because of the experience and expertise of our content marketing team, not the shrewdness of our legal counsel.

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Big Thinking.
Sized to Fit.

BizWisdom provides content marketing services to some of Australia’s biggest brands. But that doesn’t mean that you need to be a big brand to benefit from our expertise. We’ll meet you where you are, no matter your budget.

If you have the desire to grow your business with content, then we want to help you get there. Our team will design the right content plan for your objectives, capabilities and budget as they exist today, with a clear roadmap to grow and scale your activity well into the future.

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