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Not your typical podcast ad agency

Podcast advertising is one of the most powerful and effective forms of advertising out there. With an Australian listener base of at least 8 million people, it’s a medium your business cannot afford to overlook. But listen to the wrong ad agency and your campaign could fall on deaf ears.

At BizWisdom we have the technology, relationships and years of industry experience to ensure that your advertising is matched with the right content, reaches the correct audience and ultimately drives leads and sales into your business.

Grow your brand online with podcast advertising strategies that achieve real business outcomes

podcast advertising agency

Podcast advertising.
Delivered fresh and hot.

Podcast advertising is so much like pizza delivery. It has to be hot, fresh and delivered to the right address! BizWisdom is a podcast advertising agency with the knowledge and experience to get your message delivered to your ideal target audience, fresh and hot.

Through our extensive understanding of the Australian podcast landscape and relationships with some of the country’s top podcasters, we can get your brand in front of the right audience. When it comes to podcast advertising, we are the agency that delivers.

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Loud and clear copy.
Noiseless delivery.

A third of media agencies advertise on podcasts. Regularly. This means intense competition for you. But don’t worry; we’re here to give you the edge. BizWisdom has 10+ years of advertising experience. We know how to cut through the noise and deliver your message loud and clear. This knowledge, paired with our passion for podcasts, is the winning formula for your next campaign.

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podcast ad agency audio advertising

Bite-sized audio.
On the go.

Podcasts are mobile, so your target market will hear about your business on the go–while commuting, exercising or doing the dishes.. The power of podcast advertising is in its simplicity and mobility. Let us show you how to harness and use that power to your advantage.

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Looking for a Smarter Podcast Advertising Agency? It’s nice to meet you.


Lock In Contracts? Nuh uh.

At BizWisdom we let the performance of all our advertising campaigns speak for themselves and we don’t lock our clients into unfair, long-term contracts.

Our clients remain our clients because of the experience and expertise of our podcast marketing team, not the shrewdness of our legal counsel.

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Big Audio Thinking.
Sized to fit.

BizWisdom is the team behind some of Australia’s biggest brands advertising campaigns. But that doesn’t mean that you need to be a big brand to benefit from our expertise. We’ll meet you where you are, no matter your budget.

If you have the desire to grow your business, then we want to help you get there. So that you get the right podcast advertising plan for your objectives, capabilities and budget as they exist today, with a clear roadmap to grow and scale your activity well into the future.

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podcast advertising today

Podcast advertising today.
Tomorrow the world.

When you choose to work with BizWisdom, you gain access to a team of digital marketing specialists and media planners who will work together with you to develop your unique digital roadmap.

At BizWisdom we excel at crafting integrated, multi-channel marketing programs where each channel not only performs in its own right but works in tandem with your other marketing channels to grow your brand online and deliver real business outcomes to your organisation.

Conquer the podcast landscape today, the world tomorrow.

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Data, Analysis & Performance is at the core of everything we do.


Performance data.
At your finger tips.

BizWisdom clients gain access to BizWisdom Analytics, the lightning-fast, real-time dashboard & reporting tool that delivers campaign data direct to you, when and where you need it.

Access BizWisdom Analytics from your desktop computer, tablet or any internet-enabled mobile device, wherever you may be.

BizWisdom Analytics provides on-demand access to essential website information along with everything you need to know to assess the performance of your podcast ads and report back up the chain. The days of wondering what your digital agency is doing are over.

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Concise, Consistent & Clear.

When you choose BizWisdom as your podcast advertising agency you know your reporting will be delivered on time, every time. Accompanied by clear, concise and enlightening commentary, BizWisdom provides the knowledge you need to make decisions and inform the key people in your organisation. With BizWisdom you will never need to chase up a report again.

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Trusted by great brands

BizWisdom is trusted by some of Australia’s most loved brands because of our outstanding service and consistently great results. Talk to our digital marketing specialists today about how we can leverage our experience to grow your brand online.

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Request your no-obligation, 100% custom podcast advertising proposal now and learn how BizWisdom would utilize podcast ads to grow your brand.

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Who we are & what we stand for

Sam McEwin

BizWisdom Founder & Director

“BizWisdom was founded by a deep passion for nurturing client relationships and transforming ideas, no matter how big or small, into success stories.

It’s our job at BizWisdom to reduce the burden of an increasingly complex digital landscape and allow you to focus on the business activities you do best.

We are here to share our inspired digital thinking, so that your business and brand can grow online and prosper.”


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    Podcast Advertising FAQs

    A podcast advertising agency is an advertising agency that specializes in creating and placing ads on podcasts. Podcast advertising is a relatively new form of advertising, but it is growing in popularity because it’s proving to be an effective way to reach a target audience.

    Podcast advertising is an effective way to reach a target audience. Podcasts are usually downloaded and listened to on a mobile device, so your ad will be heard by people who are on the go. Furthermore, nearly half of people say they view a company more favourably after hearing its ads on the podcast they frequently listen to.

    Podcast advertising is effective because it is a very personal medium. Listeners are more likely to take action after hearing an ad, and they’re also more likely to recognise the brand in future. This is because the goodwill associated with the often intimate one to one relationship between podcast host and listener often transfers to the brands that support the show. Podcast ads can also be read by the host (although there are also many other ways to advertise on podcasts). Live reads can further enhance the connection between show loyalty and brand preference.

    A podcast ad can be read by the host or a voice talent you hire so it can be played as an audio file. The length of the ad varies, but most podcast ads are between 15 and 30 seconds long. Your ad will be played at either beginning, middle, or end of the podcast episode. You can also choose to have your ad played only once or multiple times throughout the episode.

    Ads can also be dynamically inserted at the time of download enabling advanced targeting based on listener location, demographics or browsing behaviour. This means that podcast advertising can reach your audience with a level of precision (and efficiency) that traditional radio advertising cannot. 

    At BizWisdom we customise the way we work with our clients to meet your needs. We have the facilities and the expertise to script, hire voiceover talent and produce high quality ads for little or no cost to you the advertiser. However we can also take existing audio assets and plug them straight into our podcast network. It’s podcasting advertising done your way. We are here to serve your needs.

    Yes, podcast advertising can work for B2B brands. In fact, podcast advertising may be especially effective for B2B brands because it allows you to reach a highly engaged and targeted audience. Podcast listeners are often professionals who are interested in hearing about new products and services that can help them in their work.

    Podcast advertising rates vary depending on the podcast, but they are generally very affordable. Podcast advertising rates are typically based on CPM (cost per thousand impressions), so you will pay a certain amount for every thousand people who hear your ad. Podcast advertising rates can range from $10 CPM to around $70 CPM.

    Never. BizWisdom provides transparent pricing. Our fees are invoiced separately and all advertising spends are reserved solely for the activation of your advertising with the channel or channels outlined within your advertising program.

    You will be assigned a team to manage your campaign as soon as you engage our services. Your team will typically consist of an account manager and an account director who each play a different role in ensuring the success of your campaign. However, your unique team may differ depending on the makeup of your program and your specific requirements.

    Podcast advertising will be measured by the number of people who hear your ad. Podcast advertising is typically sold on a CPM basis, so you will pay a certain amount for every thousand people who hear your ad. Podcast advertising can also be measured by the number of downloads or plays, depending on the podcast.

    BizWisdom clients typically outperform their competition and achieve consistent, meaningful and profitable results from their activity with our agency. We don’t just rely on one method of advertising. Our team will work with you to come up with a multi-pronged approach that will get your message in front of the right audience in the most effective way possible.

    However if for some reason you don’t get the results that you are looking for then you are free to cancel your services at any time according to the terms outlined within our terms & conditions. BizWisdom does not hold our clients to long term, lock in arrangements that keep underperforming clients forced to pay for services that are not providing value to their organisation.

    Podcast advertising can be started relatively quickly. Once you have provided the necessary information about your business, the ad content will be created and your ad will be placed in a podcast episode. Podcast advertising campaigns typically run for a certain number of episodes, so you will need to plan ahead for your campaign.

    We will begin preparing your campaign within 24 hours of engagement and we typically go live in under a week, although times will of course vary depending on the complexity of your program and your own specific requirements.

    We service clients across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth & The Northern Territory.