18 Australian eCommerce Marketing Statistics [Updated]

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Brand Loyalty is Falling:

  • 56% of Australians are no longer loyal to brands
  • For every 1 search on a retailer there are 3 searches on products
  • Only 1/10 smartphone users are certain about the specific brand they want to buy when they first start looking for information online
  • 2/3 smartphone users claim to look for the most relevant information regardless of brand


Customers Expect Personalisation

  • 63% of Australians expect brands to use their purchase history to recommend products
  • 35% of Amazon’s sales come from personalised suggestions


Ads Now Receive More Clicks than Organic Results on Google

  • 52% of clicks go to paid advertising on mobile
  • 58% of clicks go to paid ads on desktop

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Consumer Expectations are Increasing

  • 59% of Australian consumers expect a seamless experience across devices.
  • Only 27% of Australian consumers believe Australian brands are delivering a seamless experience.


Consumers Have No Tolerance for Page Load

  • 53% would abandon a mobile website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • Australian websites have one of the worst average page load times in the world
  • Average load time for Australian websites is 10.9 seconds (Up from 8 seconds a year ago)
  • For every 1 second that their site slows down, Amazon claim to lose $1.6b


Online and Offline Shopping Habits are Converging

  • Bonds have calculated that digital has an impact on 1/3 of all offline sales
  • 2/3 of Bonds customers have interact with at least 2 touch points
  • Retailer Petit Bateau saw a 6.4x increase in calculated ROI when in-store sales were considered
  • 44% of Petit Bateau in store customers visited the website before making a purchase

Source: Google’s Retail Academy in Melbourne August 2017