Case Study: Wittner

eCommerce Digital Marketing

Wittner is a 100-year-old Australian footwear brand that produces beautiful high-quality footwear for women. Standing for exceptional quality, all-day comfort and premium leather, Wittner came to BizWisdom to improve their digital performance across paid search, organic search and paid social media and take it to the next level.

The Wittner strategy

Following an extensive discovery process which involved interviews with the Wittner marketing team, their brand agency and web developers, BizWisdom conducted a detailed audit of their current marketing tactics to determine what was working and where there was opportunity for improvement. BizWisdom then developed a tailored digital marketing program with the objective to improve the overall effectiveness and increase online revenue.


The gameplan

The BizWisdom strategy targeted paid search, Facebook ads and organic search within 3 separate phases.

Phase 1 – Overhaul & restructure paid search activity

Phase 2 – Develop Facebook advertising program

Phase 3 – Invest back into organic search

Paid search

Wittner came to the agency with a pre-existing Google Ads campaign which, whilst profitable, needed a little bit of work to bring up to pace.

BizWisdom began by auditing the account, highlighting areas of underperformance and building out the account to grow the profitable areas. This resulted in a complete overhaul of Google Shopping, a restructuring of the text ad groups and an expansion of activity to include Bing Ads.


Facebook advertising

For Facebook, a two-pronged approach was developed based around the Wittner retail calendar and campaign drives. Together the two approaches delivered an ‘always on’ facebook strategy which directly impacted sales.


The two campaigns were:

  • 1. An ‘on campaign’ strategy with a sharp focus on acquiring direct purchases during the Wittner campaign period. The main measure of success for this paid activity was calculated on direct sales and revenue.
  • 2. The ‘off campaign’ approach focused on audience generation through increased subscribers and page likes. This paid activity enabled fresher and engaged audiences during ‘on-campaign’ periods, which resulted in increased sales. The culmination of these two approaches was that at the time of writing every new Wittner campaign has outperformed the last.



Search engine optimisation (SEO)

During the final phase of the program a complete site audit was undertaken which surfaced a number of issues common to eCommerce websites such as page duplication, issues relating to the filter and search functionality of the site and a large number of 404 errors due to the removal of product pages.

BizWisdom put together a search engine optimisation program which was tailored to meet the specific challenges highlighted within the audit and worked with the Wittner marketing team and their web development agency to address each specific issue.


The results

By developing the right tactical approach and working together with the Wittner marketing team and their other agencies, BizWisdom helped Wittner to significantly increase their return on ad spend (ROAS) on both paid search and paid social media, improve both their online presence and the profitability of their online marketing initiatives, grow their email database and increase their revenue from organic search.



I have worked with BizWisdom for years. They never fail to deliver, and constantly go the extra mile. Their innovative thinking is quick to adapt modern strategies to suit our available resources and means that our Google and social advertising and SEO remains on point.



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