17 Powerful Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Use Today

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“Artificial Intelligence” is actually advanced machine learning software that uses behavioural algorithms to conform to human likes and dislikes. While in reality, these machines aren’t getting smarter, their capabilities are improving.

1. Articoolo

Almost too good to be true, Articoolo reasearches and writes unique content on any topic that you assign it to. It’s creators cliam that “content created by Articoolo is both accurate and articulate.” with zero possibility of plagarism. So let the content marketing robot wars begin.


2. Google Sheets

Google have recently started adding artificial intelligence to Google Sheets, their cloud based spreadsheet application to allow their uses to analyse data by simply typing questions such as “How much revenue does each product category make?”


Source: https://gsuiteupdates.googleblog.com/2018/04/think-macro-google-sheets.html

3. Siri

Apple’s famous personal assistant, Siri, is a voice-activated computer that uses machine-learning technology to communicate with humans. It also performs functions like helping people find information and sending messages, all powered by AI.

4. Alexa

Amazon’s product, Alexa, has revolutionised the way we get information. It can decipher nearby speech and help scour the web for information, set alarms, schedule appointments, shop and do numerous other things.

5. Skype Language Translator

Skype’s voice translator uses machine learning to help people eliminate language barriers when communicating. It currently works in 8 languages, and their text translator is available in more than 50 languages for instant messaging.


 Source: Microsoft Skype

6. Cogito

A blend of behavioural science and machine learning, Cogito was created to enhance empathy among customer service reps in their relationships with customers, by giving instant cues and sugestions to improve the way the answer enquiries.


7. Boxever

A company that uses AI to improve the customer’s experience in the travel industry, Boxever has become a leader in the field, assisting its customers as they look for ways to help their clients with their travel itineraries.

8. Automated Insights Wordsmith

According to Wired, a significant number of major news outlets are using artificial intelligence to create outlines for simple news stories with Automated Insights’ Wordsmith. Wordsmith uses artificial intelligence to summarize a set of data in natural written language.


9. John Paul

A travel concierge company known for its predictive algorithms that help determine its clients’ needs and desires, John Paul serves millions of customers through companies like Air France and VISA.

10. Amazon

Amazon’s AI is able to calculate people’s buying interests based on their online behaviour. It’s becoming so smart that it be might be tempting to think it would eventually predict what we want to buy.

11. Gmail

Google’s artificial intelligence inititives are nothing short of mind-blowing and they are integrating it into their entire suite of products at a staggering pace. Most recently Gmail’s AI has driven their email response suggestions, one-click responses that are amazingly appropriate.



12. Netflix

Netflix uses predictive technology to gauge people’s film likes based on their reactions to and choices of films. Yet, the more popular movies get noticed most, leaving the rest unnoticed.

13. Pandora

Pandora is a service that manually analyses songs through a team of professional musicians. This system has a knack for recommending songs that people, surprisingly, end up loving.

14. Mark Zuckerberg’s Jarvis AI

While this technically is not in use today. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s pet project to create a automation assistant for the home using artificial intelligence is a pretty exciting example of what can be achieved with AI.



15. Nest

This well-known learning thermostat uses algorithms to determine people’s heating and cooling needs, and can consequently predict and adjust a room’s temperature. It now includes a suite of cameras.

16. Chatterbot

A Python library, Chatterbot is a type of AI present in machines called chatbots, which use machine learning algorithms to converse with users, both through auditory and textual means.

17. GrowthBot

HubSpot’s CRM platform has integrated with the company’s new AI project, GrowthBot, a chatbot originally created to help expedite the sales cycle by providing sales and marketing teams with pertinent data and suggestions on how to act on that data, but which has since been expanded to include a veriety of marketing assistance.

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