Adwords Ad Birds April Fool – Best Practice for Optimising your Ad Birds Campaign

1 min read

Google today brought their April Foolery to the Adwords platform with hilarious precision. The “new” Ad Birds ads offer an assortment of birds which can be branded with advertising messages and set loose to flap around in various locations as determined by your location settings.

We tested a pigeon ad with mixed results, the pigeons seemed to generate a lot of impressions, but got very few clicks. We had better results with the penguin ads which makes a certain amount of sense given that they move much slower and are therefore easier to read. We found the Eagle ads to be almost impossible to see and therefore the worst performing Ad Birds ad type.

Such Fun!

Pick your bird, add some ad copy and let it fly!

Be careful with your text positioning, we achieved best results placing important ad text on the birds wings and tail feathers. Ad text placed on beaks is unlikely to be read.